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Braking error led to spaceship crash

Researchers say a Virgin Galactic spaceship crash was triggered by structural failure following the co-pilot unlocked a stopping system early

The Nation’s Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) states resulting aerodynamic forces triggered the brakes to really be used tearing apart the craft

The NTSB continues to be probing what triggered the craft to interrupt up within the Mojave Desert inside a test flight 10 several weeks ago

The accident wiped out co-pilot Michael Alsbury and badly hurt the pilot

The Virgin Galactics SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft was flying a manned test last October if this experienced what the organization referred to at that time like a serious anomaly

It absolutely was going through a powered test flight within the desert north of La

Virgin Group founder Mister Richard Branson stated following the disaster he was shocked and saddened through the tragic loss

NTSB chairman Christopher Hart stated on Tuesday he wished the analysis would prevent an identical accident recurring adding the safety board had learned having a high amount of certainty the occasions that led to the break-up

Most of the issues of safety that we’ll learn about today came about not in the novelty of the space launch test flight but from human factors which were already known elsewhere in transportation he added

Both aircraft pilots were utilized by Scaly Composites the organization that designed the craft

Mum kangaroo survives arrow in head

A kangaroo has made it for four days by having an arrow lodged in her own mind after being shot in Queensland Australia

Once the adult female was finally taken north of Queensland on Tuesday she seemed to be transporting an infant kangaroo Australia Zoo stated inside a statement

Doctors carried out surgery to get rid of the arrow which came not far from her skull and brain

The kangaroo and her joey (baby) were launched into the wild following the operation

Your pet was taken by Australia Zoo and also the RSPCA near Toorbul and brought towards the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for treatment

The arrow really grazed the skull and came millimetres from her eye socket and optical nerves the Australia Zoo statement stated

It stated your pet was sedated from the time she showed up until when she was launched into the wild

She wouldnt have known she was there but she’ll be getting out of bed within the wild a lot more easily with no arrow the statement stated

This kind of deliberate cruelty towards creatures is terrible illegal and may have triggered a particular slow painful dying with this mother kangaroo and her youthful joey

California farmers agree water deal

California government bodies have recognized a deal from maqui berry farmers to lower their water usage by 25% in order to combat the record four-year drought

Several hundreds of maqui berry farmers made the concession after condition authorities threatened to chop their water privileges

California has required a 25% decrease in metropolitan areas and cities

But experts say condition Governor Jerry Brown hasn’t done enough to lessen usage through the farming industrys effective water privileges holders

The offer between Californias Water Assets Control Board and also the maqui berry farmers – who’ve so far opposed pressure to invest in reducing – is an indication of the worsening impact of Californias drought

The United States Drought Monitor stated on Thursday that 94% of California was at severe drought or worse and maqui berry farmers used 80% of water obtained from the land within the condition

The agreement may be the first available in additional than 3 decades and involves maqui berry farmers within the delta from the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers

Others within this category Known as senior privileges holders – are irrigation districts utilities with wave power stations and metropolitan areas including Bay Area

1000’s from the states junior water privileges holders – individuals whose states water usage go as far back only so far as 1914 – have previously had their water use limited this season Individuals are mainly maqui berry farmers getting no federal irrigation shipping

Under Californias system junior water privileges holders need to quit taking water from rivers and streams so there’s enough flow left to fulfill the need for individuals with older claims

About 350 maqui berry farmers met on Thursday to go over an effort to prevent much deeper mandatory cuts for their water allowance

That does not always mean theyll all have fun playing the voluntary 25% reduction stated Michael George america water master for that delta But he stated he thought many would

The farming industry originates under fire in recent days from citizens who’ve been made to switch off their sprinklers and time their showers threatened by of heavy fines

The agreement provides the maqui berry farmers until 1 June to provide plans for the way they’ll result in the suggested cuts

Burundi president defies critics

escort — Burundis leader Pierre Nkurunziza has released his third-term bid within the capital Bujumbura repel critique in the African Union (AU) and also the US

Speaking after filing his official candidacy he refused suggestions that violence was spinning unmanageable

He stated there is you don’t need to halt elections despite violent protests sparked by his presidential bid

18 individuals have died within the recent unrest the worst in Burundi since a civil war led to 2005

Burundians don’t have any trouble with elections because 99% of the nation is peaceful Mr Nkurunziza stated

These demos have converted into insurrection but it’s something that’ll be controlled and that i guarantee the elections goes well

Latest African news updates

The leader in comparison his countrys situation with Nigeria where he stated polls choose to go ahead in April despite there being no security due to the insurgency by Boko Haram Islamist militants

The mind from the electoral commission Pierre Ndayicariye echoed the presidents position telling the BBC the polls because of take place in June won’t be postponed

The Not stated on Friday which more than 50000 Burundians have fled their country since April due to fears over pre-election violence

Mr Ndayicariye advised individuals who’ve fled to return as their election is essential in making certain a democratic Burundi

Burundis constitutional court ruled on Monday that Mr Nkurunziza can run for any third term

AU commission chief Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma stated on Thursday that elections couldn’t take place in Burundi in the present climate and expressed doubts about if the move was constitutional

The United States has accused Mr Nkurunziza of breaking the peace accord which ended the brutal 12-year civil war by seeking re-election

Speaking following a closed-door meeting on Burundi in the Not Security Council on Friday Americas Not ambassador Samantha Energy stated the united states was thinking about specific measures including visa restrictions or sanctions against individuals involved with arranging or getting involved in violence against protesters

Opposition and civil society groups insist that the third-term bid is unconstitutional however the leader argues his first term doesn’t count because he was hired by parliament in a roundabout way chosen through the people

Mr Nkurunziza an old digital rebel leader has ruled Burundi for pretty much ten years

Man arrested over Karen Buckley death

Escortlar — A 21-year-old guy continues to be arrested regarding the the dying of Irish student Karen Buckley Police Scotland say

Miss Buckley from Cork was reported missing following a evening in Glasgow on Saturday

Police stated human remains have been available at a farm to northern Glasgow carrying out a four-day look for a student

Formal identification from the remains has not occurred they stated

Miss Buckleys relatives happen to be accustomed to the invention that was made on the farm around the borders of Milngavie six miles from Glasgow city center

Specialist police divers a helicopter crew and check dogs have tried the quest for the qualified nurse who gone to live in Glasgow in Feb to review work therapy

Her handbag is discovered in Glasgows Dawsholm Park on Tuesday and then officials started searching land around High Craigton Farm near Milngavie

The guy was formally arrested after being detained for questioning on Wednesday He’s likely to appear in a private hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Friday

Miss Buckley was seen on Closed-circuit television departing Glasgows Sanctuary nightclub having a guy in early hrs of Sunday

She’d showed up in the nightclub with buddies at approximately 23:45 on Saturday and also at about 01:00 she said excitedly she would the bathroom . She unsuccessful to come back and didn’t take her jacket

Her buddies have stated she’d were built with a couple of drinks but wasn’t drunk

Police stated later that they tracked a guy who said excitedly he’d travelled with Miss Buckley by vehicle to his flat but he stated she’d left at approximately 04:00 on Sunday

Miss Buckleys family travelled from Cork to Scotland to create an appeal for information

A unique prayer service occured near her home in Mallow on Wednesday along with a fundraiser page setup by Miss Buckleys former class mates to aid her family members have elevated greater than £8000

Record dive rescues sunken treasure

Escortları — An British-introduced team has retrieved a $50m (£34m €47m) chest of silver coins that has lain round the seabed since the steamship moving them from Bombay to England was sunk in 1942

The SS Capital of scotland- Cairo was torpedoed 772km (480 miles) south of St Helena having a German U-boat and sank to 5150m

The 100 tonnes of coins retrieved inside the finest salvage operation ever belonged to HM Treasury

The silver rupees happen to be approached by London to help fund world war ii effort

Nonetheless they never handled to obtain the steamships tall plume of smoke was spotted having a U-boat on 6 November 1942 plus it was torpedoed

ten mins later among efforts to abandon ship the city of Cairo was hit getting another torpedo which sealed its fate

The ship which is cargo was presumed lost until 2011 each time a team introduced by British salvage expert John Kingsford situated an abnormal object among the side-rails and canyons from the South Atlantic search area

Within hire the Uk government underwater salvagers Offshore Search (DOS) labored for a lot of days searching a jumbled up sea floor two occasions how large London Mr Kingsford told the BBC

We werent convinced at first he mentioned But you have to provide your team their mind once they say theyve found something and then we looked

The product was indeed Cairo as well as the team retrieved lots of its £34 million banking center There’s a good deal a relief over-all Mr Kingsford mentioned

The coins have recently been melted lower inside the Uk and offered while using undisclosed sum divided involving the treasury – which technically has the coins – as well as the salvagers going for a portion in the purchase

The salvage was completed September 2013 but DOS has only now received permission with the Secretary of condition for Transport to announce it

Together with the coins they elevated the propeller from the second fatal torpedo

Right after that second torpedo struck 73 in the past as well as the last remains of Cairo disappeared beneath the waves the U-boat made an appearance and approached the kids lifeboats

Its captain Karl-Friedrich Merten infamously directed those to the nearest land and mentioned: Goodnight Sorry for sinking you

Only six of 311 people aboard died inside the sinking but it may be 72 hours before anybody found the six lifeboats which in fact had put lower for land Because time 104 in the 305 children died

The British SS Clan Down acquired 154 children alive to be able to St Helena together with an additional 47 were saved having a British merchant ship the Bendoran and introduced to Cape Town

One last lifeboat was discovered 51 days following a sinking in the coast of Latin America with simply a few its lots of people alive In the cruel coincidence one of the two males Third Officer James Allister Whyte died right after when the ship taking him home was torpedoed having a U-boat

After departing the wreck for your final time the divers produced a plaque in recognition of people who died which read: We came here based

It absolutely was a distinctive salvage Mr Kingsford mentioned

It’ll mean a lotIt will be a very emotive situation where around the hundred everybody was lost getting experienced open watercraft

It meant a great we to discover this ship also keep in mind it

Shattering the highest glass ceiling

Hillary Clinton is tipped to run for US president in 2016 Throughout her career she has used her positions to advocate for the rights of women around the world Speaking to the BBC three of the most powerful female leaders in recent history reflect on what has been achieved so far

I love [former US Secretary of State] Madeleine Albrights now very famous saying that theres a special place in hell reserved for women who dont help other women because theres still so much work to be done says Hillary Clinton

As First Lady of the United States from 1993-2001 and former Secretary of State from 2009-2013 Clinton is conscious of her ongoing responsibility as a representative for women across the world

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In the 21st Century the biggest piece of unfinished business is the full rights and opportunities for women and girls and thats what we should be focused on she says

Clinton also has unfinished business when it comes to the US presidency In 2008 she was on the wrong side of history in her race for the Democratic presidential nomination losing to Barack Obama

The idea of running to be president as a woman was such a leap of faith and although some women had tried it in the past nobody had gotten very far says Clinton

I was the first woman to win any primary and then went on to win a number of them and got almost more than 18 million votes

When Obama won the nomination Clinton finally spoke out about the historical significance of ultimately seeing a woman at the White House in her 2008 concession speech:

Although we werent able to shatter that highest hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you its got about 18 million cracks in it

Cracks at the highest level only start to emerge when there is pressure and resistance at ground level As First Lady Clinton set a challenge to the entire world to raise the profile of womens rights and female equality in every country when she spoke at the fourth international UN conference on women in Beijing in 1995

Famously declaring that womens rights are human rights she discussed how these rights were violated every time a baby was drowned because she was born female She talked of the brutality of female genital mutilation sexual trafficking and how womens bodies had become the frontline of war as rape increasingly became used as a tactic in battle

Madeleine Albright appointed the USs first ever female Secretary of State in 1997 shared a similar agenda Albright tackled womens rights during her time as ambassador to the UN from 1993-1997 but as one of only seven female permanent representatives she came up against resistance when she brought attention to issues such as the suffering of women in the Bosnian conflict

I would go into meetings and talk about the importance of the support for Bosnia and a couple of the men around the table would say dont be so emotional she says

It was not until 2000 that Resolution 1325 was passed acknowledging the role of women in war It was the first UN resolution to ever specifically mention women and was followed by two UN resolutions stating that rape and sexual assault were war crimes

As the second female Secretary of State serving from 2005-2009 Condoleezza Rice also advocated for womens rights During the war in Afghanistan she brought the Talibans treatment of women to the worlds attention and makes no apology to any critics

We were spending American blood and treasure to liberate the people of Afghanistan from one of the most brutal regimes on the face of the earth That we would not use that moment to press for womens rights seems to me unthinkable And so of course we were heavy-handed and heavy-footed about it and yes its a traditional society that had to come to terms with a 21st Century role for women

As Secretary of State Rice says she never encountered a situation in which she was treated differently as a woman

Frankly as Secretary of State if somebody treats you badly because youre a woman its your fault not theirs says Rice You have plenty of arrows in your quiver and if you ever find that someone is questioning your authority then you should do what anyone does when their authority is questioned and you should either work it out with the person or you should fire them and I did both

Women in Power

If Clinton is elected president she will enter a small club of women world leaders including:

Find out who else belongs to the worldwide club of women leaders

So what do these women feel has been achieved in recent times?

I think what has been achieved since Beijing is at least a recognition that something has to be done says Albright Now that doesnt seem like a big deal but if you figure that we had gone through hundreds of years of womens issues being side issues or sentimental issues versus being issues that are central to foreign policy

The growing number of women in positions of power in the developed and developing world is an encouraging sign according to Rice

Women have been awakened in parts of the world where they hadnt been and they will fight for their rights says Rice

For Clinton any progress made in relation to the rights of women has been slow

We still have so much more to do and lets not be in anyway diverted no matter whats happening in the world we must continue on this agenda she says

Only time will tell if this agenda will also help launch Clinton into the White House shattering the highest glass ceiling of them all

Hillary Clinton: The Power of Women will be broadcast on Wednesday 25 March at 21:00 GMT on BBC Two Or catch up later on BBC iPlayer